Insect Screen Doors & Windows

Fly Screen Doors & Windows

Here is a simple, effective and chemical free way to rid your house or shop from flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects, all while keeping in sync with your colour scheme!

Our insect screens are made of high quality aluminium frames, and meshed with a fine fly mesh that does not restrict your view.
You may want our Look-Out mesh for added privacy, or if you have pets you may want to consider our Paw-Proof mesh, which is more durable.

Sliding or hinged,  and in what ever colour you desire, we will tailor our screens to fit in with your joinery & interior decor.

  • Hinged Fly Screen Door
    One of our most popular doors, this hinged insect screen door looks stylish and can be fitted to most door types.
    Keep those annoying flies out and enjoy the breeze on those hot summer days.
    Comes in all colours to match your paint job.
  • Hinged Insect Screen Door
    Our hinged doors come with a telescopic closure which controls the closing of the door behind you, and helps keep the door closed when it gets a bit breezy... A polycarbonate plate is used to push the door open to avoid pushing on the mesh.
  • Sliding Fly Screen Doors
    Our sliding insect screen doors fit over your ranch-slider doors, and they too come in all colours. Control that breeze by positioning your ranch-slider door as narrow or as wide as you like.
  • Sliding Insect Screen Door
    Our insect screen doors allow the air to flow through your house without obstructing your view!
  • Hinged Fly Screen Windows
    Leave your windows open on a hot night to enjoy the cooler air without letting the mosquitoes in, and enjoy a better night's sleep.
    These too come in all colors, and can be made to fit a variety of joinery types.
  • Removable Hinged Insect Screen Windows
    When your window is closed, the screens just hang naturally. Try our removable hinges which allow you to easily remove the screens in the winter, or for cleaning.
    Our hinges come in black or white.