Pet Doors & Paw Proof Mesh

Want a security door for your home but wondering about allowing free access for your cat or dog? Not a problem!
At Greytown Security Doors we can fit a quality pet door to our security doors, problem solved!

To protect your fly screen door and prolong its life, we can mesh it with durable paw proof mesh, which is designed to withstand constant scratching.

If you travel with your pet, and would like to make sure they are safe in the back, while still seeing out and enjoying proper ventilation, we can custom make a door to fit your dog box or cat carrier.

  • Pet Doors
    Have a cat or a dog? We can fit a pet door into our security doors, so that your beloved pet can still get in and out while you enjoy the cooling breeze, and a secure home.
  • Paw Proof Mesh
    Have a cat or dog that's used to scratching at the door? Not a problem.
    We can install our doors with a strong paw proof mesh designed to withstand constant scratching. The mesh is black in colour but does not restrict your view in any way.
  • Kennel Doors
    Do you travel with your dog? Have you got a run for you dog, or need a place where you can secure your pet while allowing it to see out and have some fresh air?
    We can fit one of our doors to any kennel or travel box you have, or assist in designing one to fit your needs.