Security Doors & Windows

      Keep Safe, Keep Cool, with Fly-Mesh Security Doors

Our Security Doors are made of high quality Amplimesh security grille and aluminium products.
They all come with standard insect mesh which means the door doubles as a Fly Screen door as well!
This allows you to lock your house yet still enjoy the cooling affect of a nice breeze, and all the while keeping those flies and mosquitoes outside where they belong.

Check out our range of Security Door options. White or Brown Powder-coat are the standard colours, but we can get them powder-coated
to suit your own home's colour scheme.

  • Builtout Frame
    This security door has a builtout frame around it which is necessary with certain joinery types, mainly required if you have aluminium joinery
  • Standard Security Door
    This is a Standard Security Door fitted directly onto your existing door frame.
    The standard door comes in either white or brown.
  • Lift In & Out
    Another option for a sliding door is having a Lift In & Out security panel.
    This panel is slotted into the door track and is locked in with patio bolts. The door slides up to it and is also locked with bolts so that it cannot be opened, giving you a lovely and secure airflow.
  • Look-Out Mesh
    This Security Door is meshed with a special Look-out mesh which allows you to look out from the inside, but prevents people from seeing in.
    This means you can enjoy the security of the door while protecting your privacy and keeping out those pesky insects!
  • Sliding Security Door
    These are a perfect solution to securing a ranch-slider door